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Jura E8 Review

About the Jura E8 Coffee Brewer

We all want that perfect cup of coffee that we can enjoy, no matter what day of the week is or what the time is. There are no bad days or bad timing for a good cup of coffee. After all, who doesn’t like coffee? In this Jura E8 review we will tap on all of the things that this coffee machine can offer. The question is, how can this coffee machine stack up against other coffee machines?  What does it offer, what are the perks of it,  and is it any good? Does it have what it takes to be a coffee machine sitting on your kitchen table? Let’s find out.

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Jura E8 Review
The Jura E8 we got to review was bulky, but did the job right

Specifications – The good side

With the Jura e8 you can adjust the brew strength quite easily. You can press a button for mild coffee, press the same button twice for medium coffee, or press it three times for that extra strength to keep you going for hours! There’s a LED screen on the Jura e8 that informs you about everything you need to know that is happening into the machine, it also gives that amazing, aesthetic look to this coffee machine. The programmable, one touch espresso machine will make any barista love their job more.

This coffee machine can let you change the cup size very quickly by just using a rotary selection button that will allow you to choose your favorite cup size. This coffee machine can be used by pretty much anyone.

It comes with a 2 litre water tank capacity which means you will be able to make quite a lot of coffee in one refill of the water reservoir. The coffee grinder in Jura e8 can use up to 6 levels which means you can personalize your brew the way you truly enjoy. It works better than many burr grinders out there. Grinding coffee is easy and if you’re anything like me, when you grind the coffee beans you will probably love the smell!

Jura E8 and Coffee CupsSomething truly amazing about the Jura e8 is it’s capability to be connected to your smartphone with an app. This means you can have complete customization of the Jura E8 from afar, something to have in mind is that not many coffee machines offer this option. The Jura E8 also has great pulse extraction. This means that your espresso will have an amazing texture! And the crema that will be produced by this coffee machine is thick and frothy. It also automatically rinses itself with hot water before each coffee is made.

The Negative

Brewing two cupsNow, there are some problems that you might encounter while using the Jura E8. Your coffee brew may have inconsistency if you are using it to produce two cups of your favorite coffee. This problem won’t appear if you are only brewing a single serve. Do have in mind that if you are trying to make two cups of coffee this problem might arise. This problem, however, probably won’t occur if you clean the brewer regularly. Also, if you use oily beans make sure you clean the machine more often. This is a simple task though, as all you have to do is open the removable reservoir. Make sure you clean the water filter as well. The milk can create quite a few issues if not cleaned, especially when it reached the boiler and sticks there. Another drawback for some users might be that this coffee machine, the Jura E8 can be pretty loud. To sum it up, in order to have this machine run smoothly you should clean it occasionally. So, keep it clean!

Another reported problem with the E8 is the milk frother not working. And you do want to your brewed cappuccino to have that milky aroma – so you will probably be happy to now that this is easily fixable, even if it does happen to this cappuccino machine. Your delicious latte or macchiato brews will make this problem seem very minor and worth facing.

Wrapping up the Jura E8 Review

All in all, the Jura E8 is one of the best coffee machines out there. This Jura E8 review focused on both the positive and the negative of this machine. However,the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to the Jura E8. There’s no learning curve here, and you will get an exceptional cup of coffee similar to those made by professionals. Even your kid will be able to use one of these.

This commercial coffee machine can make any Keurig or Nespresso look bad. Whether you buy a new or a refurbished one, you are in for a delicious coffee ride, way cheaper than visiting the local Starbucks just to get an Americano or a Moka! The brewing process is easy and enjoyable.

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